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Below are some useful links for anyone considering an Arch 2 Arc attempt.


2018 Lanzarote Swim Camp Notes - useful notes on the Arch 2 Arc swim stage.

Arch 2 Arc Checklist - From Application to Attempt - deadlines for the paperwork associated with an Arch 2 Arc attempt and suggested timetable for the logistics preparations.
Paris Anti Pollution Zone Advice for Athletes - information on how the anti pollution zone recently introduced in Paris could affect Arch 2 Arc attempts.

Will Hall's Arch 2 Arc Report
Enduroman # 8 Rachael Cadman's Blog
Enduroman # 20 Paul Parrish's Blog
Enduroman # 23 Freddie Iron's Blog

Enduroman Arch 2 Arc Promotional YouTube video showing Enduroman # 11 Mark Bayliss' record-breaking non wetsuit attempt.
Crossing The Line YouTube video about Enduroman # 18 John Van Wisse's record-breaking Arch 2 Arc attempt.
Cyril Blanchard - Record 2016 YouTube video (en fran├žais) following Enduroman # 25 Cyril Blanchard's successful attempt setting a new record.
Team Russia YouTube video produced by Aidan Sharples - a short video of their Arch 2 Arc attempt setting a new record for a 3 person relay.
YouTube video about a case of SIPE (swimming induced pulmonary edema) during the Rottnest Channel swim. Although SIPE is uncommon this is useful viewing for swimmers and their crew. It's still not clear what causes SIPE. The symptoms are shortness of breath, beyond what would be expected during a long swim, tiredness and coughing with frothy sputum. The treatment is to remove the swimmer from the water and keep them warm and sitting upright (lying the swimmer down will worsen their symptoms). The swimmer should be taken to hospital where their condition can be assessed. Watch the video.
  • WEBSITES - website with information on wetsuit swims across the Channel. As well as outlining the CSPS rules for a wetsuit swim the site contains detailed information on training, tides, weather and navigation written by Mike Oram. Scroll down the site's home page to a link to a "standard information pack" for more information and other useful links, including a link to a swimmer chat site. - website for the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (non wetsuit swims).