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We wanted to include a record of all solo attempts on this website (summarised in the table below), partly because it shows the evolution of this unique challenge but also because we believe future challengers can glean useful information from these statistics.

The statistics show that most failed attempts end in T1 or during the swim. The most common reasons for failure are:

  1. The athlete runs down to Dover too hard and is unable to continue after a rest.
  2. The athlete starts the swim after insufficient rest or is too tired / depleted after the run to be able to complete the swim.
  3. The athlete has not adequately trained / prepared for the swim. The Channel requires long training swims in the sea, in varying conditions, together with an effective feeding plan and support crew.


Number of attempts

( kayaking English Channel ) : 1 (successful)

Number of attempts

( swimming English Channel ) : 70

Number successful : 34 ( #26 awarded posthumously)

Number unsuccessful : 36

of these

withdrew in run : 5

withdrew in T1/swim : 30

withdrew in bike : 1


Run T1 Swim T2 Cycle Overall Notes
attempt 1 2000 Edgar Ette 20h10m
attempt 2 2000 Edgar Ette ~20hrs pilot issues
2001 #1 Edgar Ette 20h34m 19h34m 17h30m 4h30m 18h48m 81h05m 1st World Record
2003 #2 Andy Mouncey 18h30m 59h47m 12h38m 10h16m 14h17m 115h28m
2007 #3 Julian Crabtree 28h29m 17h59m 13h57m 5h43m 21h29m 87h37m
2007 #4 Steve Haywood 18h54m 44h46m 16h02m 8h51m 15h15m 103h48m
attempt 7 2007 Trudy Dixon 35h00m
2008 #5 Tom Beaver 21h19m 17h57m 20h44m 6h36m 19h20m 85h56m
attempt 9 2008 Nino Baglione 19h52m - DNS 14h55m
attempt 10 2009 Jo Kilkenny 18h30m 16h57m DNF 8h28m
2009 #6 Dave Farrell 27h51m 57h08m 20h02m 11h38m 18h10m 134h51m
attempt 12 2009 Nicky Farrugia 21h28m 7h51m DNF~12h DNF(mechanical)
attempt 13 2009 Nicky Farrugia 24h47m - DNS
2010 #7 Jay Goss 22h12m 41h51m 14h09m 11h55m 16h32m 106h41m
attempt 15 2010 Nicky Farrugia 21h24m DNF 12h22m
2011 #8 Rachael Cadman 23h21m 24h27m 16h33m 12h59m 20h16m 97h37m First woman success
attempt 17 2011 Jo Kilkenny 19h45m 20h59m DNF 4h30m
2011 #9 Michele Santilhano 24h21m 50h43m 17h03m 6h34m 21h33m 120h16m Oldest woman
attempt 19 2011 Duncan Phillips 22h14m 51h10m DNF 15h20m
2012 #10 Michelle Rothwell 20h53m 26h30m 19h07m 10h03m57s 15h25m 92h00m
attempt 21 2012 Hanno Nickau 19h55m 28h05m DNF 16h00m
2012 #11 Mark Bayliss 26h20m 13h59m 11h48m 3h22m 18h09m 73h39m Fastest swim (also non wetsuit) and fastest non wetsuit attempt
2012 K1 Tim Ellis 19h49m 8h08m 6h54m kayak 3h33m 17h32m 55h57m First (and only) kayak crossing
attempt 24 2012 Rich Pryer 19h05m 11h41m DNF ~12h
attempt 25 2013 Will Hall 16h49m 19h11m DNF 13h34m
2013 #12 Rachel Hessom 26h41m 97h27m 14h13m 5h35m 23h09m 167h07m First woman non wetsuit, fastest woman swim
attempt 27 2013 Keith Laing 25h37m 19h17m 19h01m 9h08m DNF ~3hrs (unwell) DNF
attempt 28 2013 George Watkins 18h34m 23h00m DNF ~18h
attempt 29 2013 Yusuf Osmani 23h51m 25h03m DNF 7hr34m
2013 #13 Sam Langmead 25h26m 15h34m 15h25m 4h45m 19h32m 80h42m
attempt 31 2014 Steve Stievenart DNF 20h15m
2014 #14 Giorgio Alessi 24h04m 24h41m 27h17m 13h41m 28h51m 118h36m
2014 #15 Dave Kershaw 27h19m 69h18m 17h57m 13h07m 19h05m 148h04m
2014 #16 Ian Rivers 26m18m 64h19m 14h18m 10h18m 15h51m 131h04m
attempt 35 2014 Grantley Bridge 19h33m 30h48m DNF 6h40m
2014 #17 Neil Kapoor 20h18m 39h09m 16h23m 15h31m 26h24m 117h45m
2014 #18 John Van Wisse 15h53m 08h25m 12h31m 10h31m 14h07m 61h27m Fastest run
2014 #19 Nick Thomas 19h26m 24h54m 15h34m 7h00m 13h56m 80h50m
attempt 39 2014 Elad Benjamin 21h41m 16h41m DNF 16h40m 10h09m 16h22m 81h33m
2014 #20 Paul Parrish 21h55m 18h05m 17h25m 6h35m 20h44m 84h44m
2014 #21 Jo Rodda 19h52m 16h47m 15h40m 9h06m 17h14m 78h39m
2015 #22 Andrei Rosu 18h12m 15h39m 20h44m 7h55m 23h00m 85h30m
attempt 43 2015 Lefteris Paraskevas 16h37m 11h44m DNF 2h38m
attempt 44 2015 Steve Stievenart DNF 21h26m
2015 #23 Freddie Iron 18h55m 15h18m 15h00m 13h46m 14h18m 77h17m Youngest
attempt 46 2015 Didier Fontaine 18h54m 17h08m DNF 5h47m
2015 #24 Grantley Bridge 19h03m 20h17m 18h29m 12h45m 17h33m 88h07m
attempt 48 2015 Claire Bennison 29h31m 19h26m DNF ~21h
2016 #25 Cyril Blanchard 18h35m 6h21m 14h47m 6h25m 13h48m 59h56m Fastest man and cycle
attempt 50 2016 Anatoly Markin 17h33m 22h07m DNF 1h58m
attempt 51 2016 Rachel Hill 25h49m 29h41m DNF 9h56m 14h24m 18h44m 98h34m
attempt 52 2016 Joao Ateche 20h24m 16h23m DNF 10h24m
attempt 53 2017 Ludovic
17h55m 6h30m DNF 21h58m
attempt 54 2017 Anatoly Markin 18h35m DNS
attempt 55 2017 Rupert Mackenzie Hill DNF 18h00m
attempt 56 #26 Douglas Waymark 23h43m 8h47m DNF 13h32m
2017 #27 Rachel Hill 26h00m19s 13h33m 17h32m 13h23m 18h06m 88h30m Non wetsuit
attempt 58 2017 John Van Wisse 17h09m DNS
attempt 59 2018 Perrine Fages 16h21m 8h34m DNF 15h55m 11h10m 17h06m
2018 #28 Marine Leleu 17h56m 7h48m 15h06m 12h25m 16h37m 69h52m Fastest woman run and cycle
2018 #29 Ludovic Chorgnon 16h25m 6h24 18h56 4h55 13h59 60h39
2018 #30 Jozsef Rokob 17h19m 8h42 17h04 8h13 16h01 67h19
attempt 63 2018 Evengiy Nikitin DNF
attempt 64 2018 Evengiy Nikitin 17h32m 7h48m DNF
2018 #31 Nino Fraguela 32h14m 7h28m 15h08m 10h46m 27h04m 92h40m Oldest man
2018 #32 Perrine Fages 18h33m 5h16m 20h31m 3h17m 19h44m 67h21m Fastest woman, fastest woman run, T1 and T2
2018 #33 Martin Pritchard-Howarth 17h41m 14h11m 16h31m 7h25m 15h46m 71h34m
attempt 68 John Van Wisse DNF 16h40
2018 #34 Dany Perray 18h57m 5h23m 17h43m 4h23m 13h51m 60h18m
2018 #35 Laura Marshall 21h52m 13h42m 15h35m 9h51m 20h28m 81h28 Fastest woman non wetsuit
attempt 71 Julien Deneyer 15h02 6h45 DNF 2h53