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Enduroman Arch 2 Arc Race Rules



1.1. The following race rules apply to the Arch 2 Arc challenge, hereafter referred to as the “Event”, and must be adhered to by all participating athletes and their support crews.

1.2. Enduroman reserves the right to modify these rules at any point and the current version will be kept at As stated in the Event contract, it is the athlete and support crew’s responsibility to read and understand the current version of these rules prior to starting the Event.

1.3. Enduroman’s obligation is to organise, officiate and ratify the Event and ensure the swim escort pilot offers the athlete a swim contract for the swim stage during the allocated slot.

1.4. Enduroman has the right to disqualify any athlete who does not conform to the requirements of the Event as set out in these rules.

1.5. The athlete, support crew and Enduroman must be courteous and display sportsmanship throughout the Event.

1.6. If the attempt fails for any reason, Enduroman can in no way be held responsible, or liable for any additional costs incurred.

1.7. The rules are designed to provide a safe and consistent experience for everyone involved. It is Enduroman's intention that no athlete should be permitted any unfair advantage so that all attempts can be evaluated across a level playing field, as far as is possible given the nature of the Event.

1.8. In extenuating circumstances during the Event, Enduroman has the authority to override any rule or implement a new rule to facilitate the attempt, as far as is reasonable within the spirit of maintaining a level playing field across all attempts.

1.9. It is the intent and spirit of these rules which will govern their implementation and enforcement.


2.1. Safety is the most important issue. This means safety for the athlete, support crew, Enduroman and the public.

2.2. The course is on public roads which are not closed for the Event and are often busy with tourist and local traffic. The athlete and support crew members must look and listen both ways before crossing roads and remember that drivers will not expect to encounter an athlete or parked vehicle out on the course. The crossing of roads should be kept to a minimum.

2.3. It is the athlete’s responsibility to understand the risks and demands of the Event. The athlete must arrive ready to start the Event fully prepared physically and with all necessary equipment.

2.4. The athlete and at least one support crew member must attend the safety briefing given by Enduroman at the start of each stage. There is joint responsibility for safety between the athlete and their support crew.

2.5. An hour before dusk or in poor visibility, the athlete must wear a high vis vest with reflective panels.

2.6. The athlete, support crew and any other relevant persons must follow all instructions given by Enduroman during the Event. If safety is compromised by the athlete, support crew or followers then Enduroman will abort the Event. Enduroman has the final say in all matters of safety.


3.1. The minimum age for participation is 18 years old.

3.2. The athlete is responsible for ensuring that they understand the demands of the Event and have the necessary health and physical fitness required. Under no circumstances will any athlete be allowed to continue with the Event if Enduroman deems it unsafe.

3.3 The athlete is responsible for ensuring that all relevant paperwork required by Enduroman, the boat pilot and the CSPF/CSPS is completed before the start of the Event, with scanned copies sent to Enduroman. For relay teams, the team captain is responsible for collecting their team's paperwork and submitting it all together, with scanned copies sent to Enduroman.

3.4. The athlete must abide by both the rules and the terms and conditions of Enduroman, the boat pilot and the CSPS/CSPF. Failure to do so may result in the athlete's entry being cancelled without the refund of any monies.



4.1. The athlete is assigned a slot of a maximum of 10 days, comprising a 6 day swim window with 2 days either side for completion of the run and bike stages. The Event must be completed within the allocated slot.

4.2. The athlete must be prepared to swim on any day of their 6 day swim window. If the Event cannot go ahead within the allocated slot because the athlete is not available for any date of the booking, the athlete will lose all money paid to all parties.

4.3. Enduroman will start the clock at the run start at Marble Arch, London, and stop the clock on completion of the bike stage at the Arc de Triomphe, Paris. The clock will not be stopped for any reason unless the challenge is aborted.

4.4. The finishing time will not be adjusted for any delays due to border controls, travel delays, road closures, or any other incident of unforeseen circumstance that adds distance or time onto the routes.

4.5. Enduroman will accompany the athlete throughout the Event, both to ensure the rules are followed and to act as official witness to the achievement.

4.6. All decisions regarding the Event, including timings and the athlete’s welfare will be made after discussion between Enduroman, the boat pilot (where applicable) and the athlete.

4.7. Drafting or any other type of physical assistance are not permitted during any stage of the Event.

4.8. The athlete and crew members may not use illegal drugs or alcohol during the event.

4.9. The athlete and their support crew must not litter, pollute or mark the course in any way.

4.10. Mobile contact numbers for the athlete and driver must be given to Enduroman before the start of the Event. There are some parts of the course where carrying a mobile phone is mandatory.


4.11. Once the time for meeting the swim stage escort boat is set, the athlete will agree the run start time with Enduroman prior to the Event starting. In calculating the run start time, the athlete should allow sufficient time to run from London to Dover, finish and get to any booked accommodation to shower/eat/rest as necessary and then travel to and prepare to load the swim escort boat.

4.12. The athlete is permitted a maximum of 48 hours (solo) or 20 hours (relay) from the run start to the agreed time for meeting the swim escort boat.

4.13. The run route starts at Marble Arch in London, and finishes at the Channel Swimmers Monument on Dover seafront.

4.14. The athlete must run on the pavement on the left hand side of the road wherever possible. The only exception to this rule is where there is no track or pavement on the left hand side of the road or if Enduroman requests crossing the road. Road crossing must be kept to a minimum and done with caution.

4.15. The athlete may be accompanied on brief sections of the run for safety reasons under the direction of Enduroman. Accompanying pacers are not permitted.

4.16. The use of trekking poles is permitted during the run stage.


4.17. The swim will go ahead at the first opportunity (weather permitting) agreed by the athlete, Enduroman and the pilot. If the athlete and Enduroman decide not to accept a swim, the pilot can offer the swim to another swimmer and the athlete’s next swim opportunity will then be delayed until the pilot’s return.

4.18. Once the swim start time is decided, the athlete and their support crew must be ready to meet the swim stage escort boat at the agreed time. If this is missed the pilot is under no obligation to take the athlete later.

4.19. If the weather forecast changes after completion of the run, so delaying the swim start, the athlete may extend the recovery period in Dover until the last day of the contracted swim window to wait for an opportunity to swim. If a swim is not possible at all, the athlete may choose to start the bike stage immediately after being notified of a 'no-swim'. (which must commence within 12 hours) or start the Event again on another available date to be agreed between the pilot, the athlete and Enduroman. The athlete would then be refunded all monies paid to Enduroman less the application fee and first instalment of the Enduroman Fee (to cover the organisation of the run stage plus waiting time in Dover) and the new attempt would require a new application. If the athlete decides to start the bike stage without attempting the swim then no monies will be returned.

4.20. After finishing the swim stage on the French coast, the athlete must swim back to the boat and will then be taken to either the port of Calais or Boulogne. The athlete will have a maximum of 12 hours to recover from when stepping off the boat to starting the bike stage.

4.21. If the swim is unsuccessful the attempt is officially finished. A discussion between the athlete and Enduroman will determine whether the adventure continues unofficially or if an immediate return to the UK is made.

4.22. Support swimmers are not permitted.


4.23. The bike route starts at Fort Risban in Calais and finishes at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

4.24. Support cyclists are not permitted.

Relay Changeovers – Standard Category Rules

4.25. The team captain must have given to the Enduroman official the team’s participation order prior to the start of each discipline.

4.26. Relay team members will compete in 60 minute durations and the changeover will be dictated by Enduroman at the safest location after the 60 minutes is completed. If an athlete cannot complete their 60 minute duration the athlete may withdraw for the remainder of the challenge. The next athlete in line starts their hour and the event continues.

Relay Changeovers – Tag Category Rules

4.27. Under the tag team category rules, in each discipline the team is permitted to tag at any time (subject to the changeover being deemed safe by Enduroman) and in any order, with the incoming athlete being nominated at the preceding changeover. Athletes can choose which disciplines they participate in without penalty. Standard rules relay teams that find they cannot continue in 60 minute intervals can switch to the tag team format during the event. Tag team times are recorded in a separate category to standard teams.


5.1. Enduroman will provide a gpx file of the bike and run routes. During the Event, the support vehicle drivers are responsible for navigating the route. Enduroman will help if requested and provide guidance on safe stopping places.


Passports and all necessary visas (athlete and support crews).

Swim lights – to attach to goggles and wetsuit/ trunks.

Mobile phone – to be kept charged and carried by the athlete when directed by Enduroman.

Head torch and spare batteries.

Reflective running vest.

2 sets of bike lights and spare batteries/ USB charging cables.

Bike helmet.

High vis vests for all occupants of the support vehicles.


7.1. The run/bike support team will consist of a support vehicle with a maximum of 2 people (driver, co-driver/feeder), unless previously agreed otherwise with Enduroman. Drivers must hold a valid driving licence and be fully insured. Enduroman travels in the front passenger seat of the support vehicle with the support crew.

7.2. The boat support crew is subject to a maximum of 2 people, unless previously agreed otherwise with Enduroman.


8.1. Only one support vehicle may accompany the athlete on the course, unless otherwise arranged with Enduroman. Other vehicles approved by Enduroman, including supporters or film crews, must not obstruct the event and must follow any instructions given.

8.2. The size of vehicle to be used must be agreed with Enduroman beforehand as oversized vehicles can present a hazard on the route.

8.3. The vehicle must move at the speed of traffic and must not slow down to assist the athlete while moving. Additional vehicles approved by Enduroman must not drive in convoy with the main support vehicle.

8.4. The support vehicle leapfrogs the athlete over the bike and run routes. The only exception is in Paris on the bike route, where the athlete must remain with or behind the support vehicle.

8.5. Ideally each "leapfrog" should be approximately 1 mile (run) or 3 miles (bike) in length along the same road. Safe places for feeding and support can be found all along the route.

8.6. To ensure that an athlete takes a correct turning, best practice is to park the support vehicle legally forward of the junction then walk back to this junction to direct the athlete.

8.7. To provide the athlete with food or other assistance, the support vehicle must be parked safely and the athlete stationary. Crew members must leave the vehicle to hand over supplies.

8.8. Drivers must obey all British or French traffic regulations (as appropriate) during the Event and carry all safety equipment as required under French law when driving in France. The support vehicle is required to have a high vis vest for each crew member accessible at all times.

8.9. The support vehicle must be driven by a legally licensed and insured driver at all times.


9.1. From the date of signing their contract, the athlete must keep Enduroman informed of any physical or medical conditions that may affect their participation.

9.2. The support crew must inform Enduroman immediately if the athlete is taken ill or requires any form of medical attention at any time during the Event, including rest periods or other times not overseen by Enduroman.

9.3. Enduroman must be provided with full details of any medication taken by the athlete during the Event.

9.4. Intravenous fluids are not permitted during the race and their use will result in immediate disqualification.


10.1. Major rule infractions by athletes or their crew will result in immediate disqualification of the athlete. Other, lesser, offences will result in a mandatory stop after which Enduroman will decide whether the Event will continue.


11.1. The athlete must travel the entirety of the course. In the event of a routing error, e.g. a wrong turn, Enduroman will navigate the athlete back onto the course to continue cycling / running from that point. If the error resulted in a short cut, a mandatory stop may be imposed and extra distance added to make up the shortfall. There will be no allowance made for lost time or extra miles covered in error.

11.2. If the athlete needs to leave the course, their crew must note the exact location and confirm it with Enduroman for a later restart. The athlete may only leave the course for appropriate reasons such as rest or medical attention.

11.3. If the athlete withdraws, they or their crew must inform Enduroman immediately.


12.1. By participating in the Event, the athlete and their support crew agree that Enduroman may use any images taken during the Event for promotional purposes.

12.2. No TV or film crew may accompany or cover the athlete or the Event itself without Enduroman’s prior written permission.

12.3. In all media and promotional material the Event must be always be referred to as the “Enduroman Arch 2 Arc”.

12.4. Enduroman logos may only be used with the permission of Enduroman.


13.1 If the Event cannot go ahead during the allocated 10 day slot for reasons outside of the athlete’s control, such as poor weather conditions or government imposed health or travel restrictions, Enduroman will discuss the possibility of rescheduling the attempt in a subsequent year with the athlete. If an option to reschedule cannot be agreed between the athlete, Enduroman and the boat pilot then all monies paid to Enduroman, less an administration fee of £300, will be refunded to the athlete.

13.2 If the athlete cancels or for any reason declares that they are unable to start then all monies paid to Enduroman will be retained.